Modere's Free Product Credits & Rewards For Customers


One of the innovative marketing strategies that separates Modere from just about every other direct sales company is how we reward our customers.

The first way we do this is through what we call our "Share The Love" campaign, where our customers can give a friend/relative a $10 off credit just to try a Modere product.

It doesn't end there because our customer also receives a $10 credit towards their next Modere purchase whenever they recommend Modere to someone and give them a $10 credit, and that person tries a Modere product.

For example, when a customer who is taking the M3 Pledge is asked by someone they know, "What did you do to lose the weight?"

...Just Share the Love, and everybody wins, including YOU (See pay plan video). But that's only one part of our Share The Love campaign. The video below covers the second part, and it's even more lucrative for our customers.

Modere also has a Rewards program for our customers. We call it: Rewards, The Easy Way.

With Modere Rewards, earning points is easy. Customers earn one point for every dollar spent, and one point for every review left.

What do your customers get?

Modere Perks: free shipping, product samples, birthday gifts and more. The more points your customers earn, the greater their rewards. Details are available on my Modere retail website.

This is all in addition to the weekly flash sales Modere sends your customers on your behalf, and it's all designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Create customer loyalty and retention for YOU.

Watch the video below to see how your customers earn free product credits with Modere.